A bottle of mirifica, a natural remedy for menopause symptoms.

Mirifica Science products

Bust Serum

Our breast enhancement serum is crafted with love from a traditional Thai herb. It increases breast size, firmness, and also lifts and tones breasts naturally, restoring your youthful appearance.

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Facial Serum

Our facial serum suits all skin types. It moisturizes the skin, protects it from pollutants, and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines by tightening and rejuvenating your skin. Being water-based, the skin easily absorbs it, resulting in smooth and crystal-clear skin quickly.

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Kacip Fatimah Tea

Our special herbal tea is crafted from a rare herb. Drinking one cup a day will balance your hormone levels and boost estrogen. It fills you with energy that lasts the entire day, stabilizes your mood swings, and slows down aging.

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An image of a pink line on a black background, symbolizing hormones.


A woman in menopause is applying eye cream to her eyes while considering the impact of hormones.

What Pueraria Mirifica Can Do for You

The skin may be one of the first parts of the body to suffer from estrogen deficiency. Dryness, loss of elasticity, appearance of fine wrinkles — all of these could potentially be red flags of decreasing estrogen levels.*

A woman in a white bathrobe, with a smile on her face, confidently embracing the changes brought about by menopause and supported by pueraria mirifica to balance her hormones.

Your Beauty and Health, Beyond Skin-Deep*

The beneficial action of Pueraria Mirifica goes beyond skin-deep and may provide health benefits no other serum or cream focuses on.*

A hand holding a bottle of pueraria mirifica eye cream.

Natural. Powerful. Safe.*

We know that natural products have the potential to be just as powerful as artificial compounds. They can be safe and effective — without any shady additives.*